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Passing 175 years of Portland Cement by a British mason, concrete has lots of mutations as the building industry. Population gross and need to build more and more buildings, concrete structures for tunnels, bridges, dams, quays, roads and so on has made this material such important and essential for the modern architecture to be known as the 21st century material !
In this way the building industry has turned to a permanent dynamic industry. As the building technology improves and progresses day to day, hauling mutates too, which demands a precise and optimum design and manufacture of concrete mixers.

Deghat Group, a leading company in manufacturing mixers is ready to cooperate and supply domestic and foreign consumers.

» Mixers’ specifications:



Today concerning extended rate of building and gross of metropolitans, ways of transportation and hauling has changed a lot. In the same way, Hauling raw materials such as stone, sand, gravel, soil and so on for example, should be in a more economic way.

One of the most fundamental bases in urban building is road making which is an essential factor in expand and progression in urban and civil engineering.
Among the common vehicles in building industry we can mention the compressors.

We have the honor to be one of the leading companies in this area. Deghat Co. is one of the most experienced in manufacturing compressor room and well known in this industry to builders and road makers.

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concreate pump, kind of truck`s body.

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