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Besides needs to have vast and various equipments and vehicles in building and road making industry, the need to repair, overhaul or renovate the vehicles is essential.

Being used for several years, these vehicles need overhaul. In the case of accidents or eventual incidents, also they need to be renovated.

Overhauling heavy and semi heavy vehicles, as well as renovating concrete mixers and tipper body will be well done in Deghat Group by our expert engineers and personnel.

This is an area which needs proficiency and experience both. The Overhaul process
means reborn of a vehicle.

Overhaul can be a one or multiple part action, including auto parts separation, chassis blacksmithing and renovation, repairing mechanical part, hydraulic and pneumatic system, electric system, smoothing and painting, trim and so one.

This is our honor to be known as a leading one in this area of industry. Having several years of experience in manufacturing, overhaul and supplying the domestic customers, Deghat Group is ready to give service in this area.

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