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  • Tipper body adjustable to 6 or 10 wheels, and semi heavy vehicles
  • Designing simple miller, fabric miller, Swedish tipper body and so on
  • Designing and manufacturing tipper body with different usage (stone hauler, ramped, bipurpose door, extra rim and etc.)
  • Tipper bridges made from foldable sheets
  • Up and under hank made from foldable sheet (fabric Miller) plus industrial spout (simple Miller)
  • Body with 4 and 6 millimeter, 6 and 8 millimeter and 8 and 10 millimeter sheets
    (St37 and St52 ant abrasion sheets)
  • Single cylinder and double cylinder body (best quality cylinder)
  • Best quality pump and hydraulic systems (9 pistons pumps and geared)
  • Controlling bodies from inside (cabin)
  • Automatic back door (mechanical)
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