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We, Deghat Industrial Group, with a 25-year-experince are manufacturer of concrete mixer with the volume of 2 to 12 square meter, different kinds of tipper bodies for heavy and semi heavy vehicle different overhaul applications.

Relying on Haj Mostafa Sistani’s technical experience, Deghat group has started with manufacturing of tipper body, heavy and semi heavy vehicle smithing, repairing concrete mixers in Deghat Smithy Workshop.
With endeavor and pursuit in preparing the proper situation and applying technical knowledge leading to manufacturing concrete mixers, we can stand as a leading manufacturer.
Now, through our scientific and technical knowledge as well as being in contact with foreign Industrial groups such as Beta Mixer Co., Reich, Liebherr, and etc., Deghat Company has turned to a Group in interior manufacturing industry.

Dealing with manufacturers and suppliers of concrete and concrete products, building and road making companies, this company has a great role in national development.

We hope to have a greater role in this industry and supplying foreign and domestic needs.

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